Benjamin Pink and the Twenty-First Century

by Roger Gloss

Kindle Direct Publishing (April 20, 2014)

BenjaminPink21stCenturyCoverCan you spare 99 cents?  This is a short story I wrote way back in 2006.  I decided to publish it for Kindle to give readers a low-risk opportunity to try out my literary work.

“Benjamin Pink and the Twenty-First Century” is the sequel (in my imagination) to The Adventures of Benjamin Pink, a children’s novel written and illustrated by Garth Williams, which I read as an eight-year-old in 1953.  This is an animal story, as Benjamin Pink is a rabbit.  Much has changed in the United States since the 1950s, and this story is a look at how it all might have affected the subsequent life of Benjamin Pink.

Looking back now, eight years after writing it, I see a common thread of themes and outlook with my more recent novels.  At least I’m consistent.

This satirical, yet touching, story is available for Kindle on  So spring for $0.99, help support a starving author, and enjoy!  (Full disclosure:  This story is NOT for children; there are two instances of strong language.)

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