Half-Life of the Lie

by Roger Gloss

Kindle Direct Publishing, 2018

After a three-year sojourn into writing nonfiction, a place I had once feared to go, I’ve returned to the novel.  Half-Life of the Lie is the result.  It feels good to be back to writing fiction.

I am disappointed with the tepid response to my earlier novel Third Wind.  I’m proud of the book, and feel that it’s an important story, still highly relevant.  But the sheer length of Third Wind has been an inhibitor to broad readership.  We all have many choices of what to read, and even avid readers will hesitate to read a long book they know nothing about.

So Half-Life of the Lie is short – less than half of Third Wind in length – but still powerful, in my view.  No spoiler alerts here, but I promise you an engaging plot, believable characters, facts and realism, and confrontation of big themes.

And one more teaser:  There are perspectives on American behavior different from the myopic view that has been drilled into us by our politicians and the capitalists who would have us believe that America is exceptional among nations.  Half-Life of the Lie examines another perspective.

I have a personal disdain for sequels.  Especially in the world of self-publishing I see many authors who seek to thrive on writing long series, hoping to hook the reader on one volume and draw them into the rest.  Some of these people have talent as writers; others do not.

You will never see a sequel from me, even if you beg for one.  I relish trying something different with each new effort.  Half-Life of the Lie reflects this, and yet there is a flow and a consistency with my earlier novels and there is no mistaking its author.  My fiction will always reflect my worldview, which continues to evolve as I live, read, and write.

Half-Life of the Lie surprised me – yes, writers can be surprised when they read their own work.  Despite my increasingly bleak worldview, the story turned out warm and hopeful, filled with possibility.  Try it on Amazon.

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