If Pigs Could Talk: The Case for a Plant-Based Diet

by Roger Gloss

Kindle Direct Publishing, February 2017

When I wrote and published my first novel Compared to What in 2009, I hadn’t the vaguest notion that I would be writing If Pigs Could Talk eight years later.  For one thing, I shied away from writing nonfiction, intimidated by the amount of research that might be required.  For another, I knew absolutely nothing at the time about animal agriculture and modern corporate factory farming.

I last blogged about this subject in August 2015.  I just now reread that post here and, per the values I hold today, it falls far short of meeting my standards for personal integrity.  I’ll leave that post in place, though, as a marker, as evidence for all to see of a personal journey which might not come easily to some – including me, perhaps – but which is entirely possible and more than worth the effort.

I can tell you honestly that I have now arrived at the ultimate destination:  I am vegan.  I eat only plants, and I’m better off for it in so many ways.  If Pigs Could Talk is, in a way, the story of what brought me here, and a road map to help others do the same, but with greater ease.  The research that went into it was not something I did in order to write a book; I did the research in the process of making my own transformation.  Once I’d done the research, I decided, why not write a book?

If Pigs Could Talk: The Case for a Plant-Based Diet is the result.  I think you will find it a short, easy read, as well as an engaging one.  I invite you to share my journey, and then decide for yourself whether you want to travel down this road.  I’ll be waiting there to welcome you.

Available on Amazon, both in affordable trade paperback and for Kindle.

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