On Care for Our Common Home: Laudato Si

Encyclical Letter of the Holy Father Francis

Pauline Books & Media, 2015

Pope Francis gets it. He recognizes and understands the unprecedented global threats caused by climate change and environmental destruction. He recognizes and understands social injustice, income inequality, and the clandestine role that capitalism and consumerism have played in these maladies. In this, his second encyclical, he demonstrates that he also understands the interrelationships among all of these features of modern, twenty-first century life. He has done his homework, he believes in science, and it seems clear to me that he has drawn on the expertise of many of the same sources I read and listen to.

Best of all, Pope Francis has one of the greatest bully pulpits on earth – with arguably the greatest number of followers. It is thus fitting that he uses the prestige of his position to try to inspire dramatic changes in fundamental human values and direction.

I am about as far from Catholic as you can get, but Pope Francis accepts and reaches out to all citizens of Earth in his second encyclical. On Care for Our Common Home; Laudato Si should be read by people of all religions as well as by people of no religion at all. The thoughtful, compassionate message of this most practical and realistic religious leader must be heeded by all of us, while we might still have time to repair our world.

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