Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In

by Bernie Sanders

Thomas Dunne Books, November 2016

No, this is not Bernie Sanders’s campaign biography; the book wasn’t released until last November, the month of our recent disastrous presidential election.  Rather, Our Revolution is a post-election manifesto, covering three engaging and important topics:  (1) Bernie’s early life and political career, including what molded him into the humble, scrupulously honest man he still is today; (2) a detailed history of his unprecedented grass-roots campaign for president; and (3) a comprehensive presentation of Bernie’s detailed policies to restore some semblance of the American dream for everyone who lives in this country, whether citizen or hard-working immigrant.

I thought I already knew everything I needed to know about this man and his policies, but reading Our Revolution has taught me even more.  There are countless lessons, small and large, to be learned from the first page to the last.  A striking feature of his narrative, for me, was that as I read it, I could hear Bernie himself speaking every word.  Maybe that’s a sign of how much respect I have for this unique government servant and his refreshingly unique integrity.  The book also puts on display his personal warmth.  Contrary to the prevailing view during his campaign, Bernie Sanders is not grumpy.

Our Revolution is important because it represents two things: (1) a golden opportunity for the Democratic Party to recapture the hearts – and votes – of progressive Americans, an opportunity that it has taken a Party outsider, an independent, a self-described Democratic Socialist, to demonstrate to them; and (2) a clear roadmap in every area of national policy to truly – really! – “make America great again.”

As Bernie Sanders told us over and over again during his campaign, it was never about Bernie Sanders.  I’m forever grateful to him for continuing to pour his heart and his energy into spreading his message.  The revolution must continue, and this is how it must happen.

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