Cape Wind

by Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb

Public Affairs, 2007

CapeWindCoverCape Wind is a book about wind energy, politics, and the clash between the two.  Cape Wind is a proposed wind farm five miles off the shore of Cape Cod.  When this gripping account was written in 2007, the project had already faced more than six years of delays and obstruction.  As of mid-2013 construction had yet to commence.  The wind farm was bitterly opposed by wealthy residents of Cape Cod, including the late Ted Kennedy, in a classic case of NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard).  The project is still opposed by William Koch of Koch brothers fame.

The politics behind Cape Wind provide a valuable lesson in how broken Washington really is.  In some cases even the project’s allies in Congress had spurious motivations, related to protecting their turf.  The entire history of Cape Wind might be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Cape Wind inches forward today, but the story is still playing out and the outcome is yet unclear.

Cape Wind is far more important than its title implies.  If you support clean energy, Cape Wind will make you angry.  And if this book makes us angry, it performs a valuable service to our democracy.

Third Wind: A Novel

by Roger Gloss

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 1, 2014)

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ThirdWindCoverThird Wind represents for me the culmination of an exciting four-year effort.  After publishing my first novel in 2009, I set out in my second effort to stretch my capabilities and further develop my talents as a serious writer.  With Third Wind I had several significant goals:  (1) confront head-on, in a very serious way, the themes of climate change and a dysfunctional federal government that no longer serves its citizens; (2) research and write intelligently about wind energy, a subject in which I had no prior experience; and (3) weave these “big picture” themes into a captivating story rich with believable, memorable characters.

When confronting controversial issues, there is always the risk of getting preachy or turning off readers who might not agree.  I have tried to avoid that by weaving the themes into the plot and characters.  As always, I found the creative process quite cathartic; I write, after all, because I have stuff to say.

From this moment on it is for readers to decide whether I’ve succeeded in my goals.  I invite you to plunge into Third Wind, and I’m confident you’ll find the experience worthwhile.

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