Welcome to my library.  Books are my passion.  I am a lifelong reader and, since 2007, an author.  My library features my own books, as well as my personal take on other works of fiction and nonfiction, most of which have significantly shaped my worldview.


My own novels and those in the Recommended Fiction list contain compelling plots which can be read at multiple levels.  They are rich in character and in theme.  I am personally drawn to authors with distinctive writing styles who leverage the power of language in their work.

The books I have featured in Recommended Nonfiction deal with history (ever relevant to our times), biography, adventure, and vital issues impacting contemporary life and society.  You will find that many of these books are written as brilliantly and engagingly as fiction, and in some cases stretch the human imagination every bit as far.

And please remember to check out My Works.  The books I have written – both fiction and nonfiction – reflect my worldview, gleaned from a lifetime of reading.  Finally, My Blog provides me a means to communicate my worldview spontaneously, as needed, when some aspect of our day-to-day existence is particularly troubling, or of immediate concern.

When someone recommends a great book to me, I consider it a priceless gift.  I hope you will find the books in my library enriching and engaging.  That is why I have chosen them.  And of course I welcome your feedback.