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Welcome!  I'm firmly grounded in progressive values.  I'd like to believe that love, compassion, and rational thinking can prevail to heal humanity's perpetual self-inflicted injuries, but such a path to human progress is by no means certain.  This site is where I share my values, ideas, and deep concerns.  I also recommend here a number of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that suggest the possibility of a better way forward.  Please join me in my search.

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AUGUST 11, 2023

Welcome to my blog. Let me begin with a bit of history. I had a WordPress site for years, since about 2015, I think. I posted a lot of political stuff there, much of it related to climate activism. I had some success in stirring up controversy, but I largely failed to move the needle on meaningful climate action.

Then one day nearly two years ago, my WordPress site blew up. Although I had automatic backups, I had no idea how to restore them, so instead I kissed the old website goodbye. I moved my domain to StableHost, and easily put up a new template.

Then came radio silence. I found I had nothing to say. No, more accurately, I found I had so much to say that I couldn’t decide where to begin. As a result, I wrote nothing for an entire year and a half, until now, with this inaugural post.

I’ve just returned to California from a three-week trip to the east coast. The trip has cleared my brain and perhaps opened my mind a bit. It was unique in many respects. Subsequent posts will recount highlights of that trip. I hope these posts will be brief and frequent. If I happen to write something that moves you or exemplifies good writing, please comment, so I can try to do more of it.

So, let’s go.


Reflecting on Two Trips to California, Sixty Years Apart

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